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2 years ago

creditors / accounts payable issues

How long do we have to wait to get some basic functionality!


  • Being able to set default payment terms for each supplier is not an unreasonable request and would save so much time an effort every time an invoice is entered from the intray.
  • Being able to set whether each supplier's field layout is services or services & items would be a big time saver as well.
  • When creating a spend money transaction from the intray the old MYOB essentials would recognise if the receipt was from the visa card and it would change the bank account to visa card, the new MYOB Essentials does not & every receipt defaults to our bank account and if you forget to change the bank account it doesn't match up & you have to search through transactions to find it & amend the account it was paid from.
  • When entering bills from in tray, IF MYOB recognises the supplier, the default account does not populate. I am having to delete the supplier name then re-enter it & then the default account populates.

Programs like this are supposed to be time savers and it is very frustrating when we used to have some of this functionality then we get upgraded to a vastly inferior product!

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    Hi Cruisergirl 


    Thank you for sharing your feedback. I understand your frustrations in regards to this functions that should be implemented to save time on your workflow. 


    We appreciate your patience and understanding about this. Rest assured that we'll relay this to the relevant team. 


    Please feel free to share your feedbacks and ideas in our Product Ideas board for consideration by our developers.