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10 months ago

Dashboard customisation


I'd like to request that the dashboard be able to be customised as my business has now grown to a point where I have employees.
My employees have a restricted login - for sales and customer contact access only and they can still see on the dashboard what my business has earnt for the month and it's expenditures... for privacy this IS A MAJOR ISSUE!! 

please allow us to customise the dashboard for myob business essentials ASAP




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    Hi Ironingbyemma,


    Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forum. 


    Thank you for flagging this to us, and we appreciate you sharing your ideas. At this time, the ability to customize the dashboard is something that may be considered in the future. We will be adding more useful information, making menu navigation easier and giving you the ability to customize aspects of the Dashboard to meet your needs. You can check this Link to stay up to date about all the new features.


    Please feel free to create a new post if you need help  or if you still have question. We are happy to assist you. 


    If my response has answered your enquiry, please click "Accept as Solution" to assist other users find this information.






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    Hi B_ruce
    Thanks for your post and welcome here to the Community Forum. We are glad for your effort in showing your support for this feature and for sharing your knowledge with our users. We warmly welcome every user to contribute their suggestions to this post and we genuinely appreciate your engagement to our community. 
    Please do not hesitate to post again if you need help in the future. 

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    Hi Ironingbyemma 


    Can you please share a screenshot of your users setting, the dashboard is set to only show content to appropriate parties. Can you share how your users are currently set up, we may be able to assist with this matter by changing the user settings.