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9 years ago

In tray: Other documents to Bills

Hi There


It would be really handy to be able to have a space to save other documents into MYOB Essentials.  For example, with Placemakers, we upload the invoices individually, but have no where to save the statement.  At the moment I am having to leave them in the "In Tray"


Also, only 1 PDF is allowed to be attached to each bill, where if we could attach multiple it would be better.


Also, when allocating a supplier credit, it does not allow me to attach a PDF of the credit note.  So instead I have to scan the original invoice and credit note together and attach it as one PDF to the bill that the credit note has been credited against.


Lastly, it would be handy to be able to upload an attachment for any transaction e.g. eftpos reciepts.  As unless a bill is created, then we can't upload the reciept.




"InTray - Space for saving statements and ability to attach more than 1 PDF to a bill & upload receipts against any transaction."

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