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9 years ago

Invoices: Duplicate buttons (payment, delete, email...) to top as window



I am LOVING the new bank transactions layout.... it's wicked. 


I find the following a little frustrating while working in essentials...


1/ ON the invoice page, it would be great to have the Enter Payment, Delete, Resend to Customer and Print buttons bothabove AND below the invoice line details. After creating the invoices it would save a scroll every time the page loads down below the invoice details to those buttons. 

2/ The pop-up on the Save button for Save and add new.... would be great if it could pop up above the button if the button is too close to the bottom of the screen... again saving a repetitious scroll. 

3/ I think batch invoice emailing would be very helpful with workflow as well, a robust one that will stop and report if an invoice fails to send etc. 


Many thanks, I am a small business owner, I don't use MYOB a lot but think these things would improve workflow and save time for end users, especially if they use it every day etc. 


Many thanks. 


"A couple of ideas for essentials"

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