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13 years ago

Items: Selling Price including GST

Currently LiveAccounts only offers a GST exclusive Item Sell price and two decimal places for the price.


This causes issues like the following:

A $36 inc. GST price becomes 31.40. Which then means if I invoice for a couple of these, the invoice (GST inclusive) displays:

  • a unit price of $35.99  -  I want $36
  • a total of $71.99  -  this is neither the $72 figure I wanted nor 2x $35.99

Please add either a GST inclusive Item Sell price or 3 decimal places for GST ex.


Many thanks!


"Item Sell price including GST OR 3 decimal places"


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    It would be handy if one had the choice of entering item prices including GST. 


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      Hi guys, had a client on the phone who suggested adding GST inclusive feature to items on Essentails.


      Jordan Gyoury
      BD Client Support


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        Regards the GST inclusive comment.


        We need to be able to flag individual lines as inclusive or exclusive. For example I often round down to the nearest dollar when in the field so save handling change. However, when it comes to creating an invoice, most of what we do is exclusive but trying to round down an inclusive amount from an exclusive transaction takes ages. 


        Also it is now possible to edit the GST content. This can be very handy when rounding issues miss by a cent.

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      All of our items are sold to customers inclusive of GST. When setting up items in MYOB Essentials I dont have an option of setting the selling price as GST inclusive. This means I am having to work out the price excluding GST, enter this amount with 3 decimal places to get as close to the final sale amount as possible. This is not only very time consuming, its also not very accurate.


      My issues arrise when I sell multiple items. I am having to adjust every item, on every invoice. Even when selling single items I still adjust the unit price as it doesnt look professional.


      It is possible to have an option to enter items GST inclusive or GST exclusive? Im sure I am not the only person this is affecting.


      Below is an example of how our invoices would appear if I didn't manually adjust each entry. The total of this invoice should be $6600.00

      MYOB Invoice

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      A client  has entered her “items” in GST inclusive and so when she is preparing invoices, GST is being added on additionally. In the future, it would be great to enter item prices either inclusive or exclusive of GST

  • Would like to see at least 4 decimal please in the unit price or being able to overwrite the total, instead of having to make the unti 1 and entering the total as the unit price.

  • Relating to this.

    I vote for a TAX inclusive amount in Item.


    AND / OR a 2 decimal place setting for the Invoice. Reason for this is


    If I sell an item for $50.00 inc GST. It shows up on my Item page as $45.45 ex tax.

    When selling this item on the invoice it shows up as $49.995 for the Unit price and $50.00 for the Amount. It is untidy.

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    I agree with CNCS - in the item tab, please allow the price to be inclusive when creating new items. This is possible in Myob Accountright and makes it much easier and neater on the final invoices.

  • Totally agree with the previous comments, it is making me consider going back to account edge because it is just painful having the odd number and trying to round it up.

  • Concerning to see that the request for Item Prices to have the option to include GST dates back to 2011. We had planned to subscribe to Essentials on the 1st March 2019 but this is actually a deal breaker. One simple example a product price is set at $425.00 - once we caluculate the price exc GST and invoice it, the amount becomes $425.01.


    Do we have the time to jump through hoops for something so frustrating - I don't think so. Getting straight to the point MYOB - do you have any intention to resolve this and if so when ?

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    Xero has far better features. I made the switch after MYOB showed no effort to resolve little function errors. Haven't looked back!

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials will allow the user to select whether they wish for the selling price to be tax inclusive or tax exclusive when setting up their items.