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Items: Setup of item without buying price



I'm running a sole trading consulting business and track all my expenses in MYOB - the ability to store an image of the receipt etc, is great


Because I want to make sure that I am consistently allocating expenses to the same account and keeping descriptions consistent, I use purchase items however a lot of my purchases are variable and there is no way to enter an item without specifying a buy price (that I have found yet).


This makes my life more complicated - perhaps an example might be useful:


  • I use taxi's & Uber quite a lot - some are rechargeable to clients and some are not so I have 2 purchase items set up:
    1. Uber, taxi - recharge to client; and
    2. Uber, taxi - non-rechargeable
  • Because I have to provide a price, I simply set it as $0 and make it a GST item
  • After I load a scan or an image into the inbox, I want to create the bill
  • I click on the image in the inbox and select "create bill"
  • If the scan has worked, MYOB loads up a new bill form with invoice date, sometimes supplier and invoice amount 

This is where the trouble begins

  • To categorise the spend, I select the appropriate item (Uber, taxi - etc.) from the item drop down which loads up the description and the account (good)
  • The problem is, it also overrides the buy price that was picked up from the scan and sets it to $0 which is annoying because now I have to pop up the image of the bill to recover and reenter the buy price

My suggestion is that one of the following be done

  1. On the item screen, provide an option to not enter a buy price - or simply accept if one isn't provided and then require buy price entry on the bill when that item is used; or
  2. If the line item in the bill already has a non-zero price, leave it (or pop-up a dialogue confirming that it should not be over-ridden)

"Purchase items without a price please"

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