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7 months ago

No "Unprocessed Timesheets" report on MYOB web version

When tracking personal leave and annual leave for payroll, occasionally I am only advised of the leave after the payroll is completed. (We pay monthly, in the middle of the month)  In that case, I always run an Unprocessed Timesheets report before processing payroll for the new month.  That way I can process adjustments to the previous pay period.


Will this report be added to the Web version some-time soon?

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  • Hi Land_Real,


    Thank you for your post. I appreciate you sharing your suggestions regarding the Unprocessed timesheets report. I understand the importance of having access to a comprehensive report to manage adjustments effectively.


    While the Unprocessed Timesheets report is currently not available in the web version, your feedback regarding its significance in managing adjustments is valuable. I'll ensure your suggestion for this report's inclusion in the Web version is forwarded to our development team for consideration in future updates. If there's anything specific, we can assist you with, or if you have further suggestions or needs, please don't hesitate to let us know. We're committed to enhancing our platform based on user feedback.