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11 years ago

Pay bills: Discount as a percentage

Hi there,


Two of our suppliers give us discounts on the end-of-month summary remuneration of invoices, not the actual invoices themselves, nor the products. To process the discounted payment i need to manually calculate the discount on all invoices (daily payments can be very tedious) and input them into the discount column. Can the design team integrate a discount feature on the final payment to supplier by simply entering a discount percentage say for example 3% which will then make the calculations automatically. The same goes for invoices that incur credit fees where i need to go into every invoice and make changes. 


Also a boolean check box option on this page would be very time saving where i can simply tick the invoices being paid and not having to re write the amounts.


Thanks for your time


"Entering Supplier Payment"


  • It would be super helpful to adopt a new calculation feature that could calculate a discount percentage or credit fee (addition or subtraction) to a total number of expenses listed in the enter supplier payment. Also check boxes could be very helpful in selecting/ deselecting required expenses without having to re-type the costs in adjacent columns. 


    I currently have to manually calculate a 2% discount for each expense (daily expenses are very time consuming) input the discount price and further retype the discounted final expense. I think this process could be simplified.



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      Thank you for your suggestion. Could anyone else who would like to this feature in a future update, please cast your vote here.

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      It has been 4 years and i havn't received a response. Could someone please give me an answer to why the essentials interface has not changed to make it more user friendly?? In Puchases > Pay Bills, how hard is it to add a checkbox column to the left of the bill number to be able to select/deselect the bills, automating the tediously manual task of rewriting every value? It truly astonishes me no one has prompted development to flag this issue... or am i the only person who uses this feature?

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    The current method of marking invoices as paid is silly. 
    When my bank feeds don't work, or a customer pays more than one invoice as one payment, I tend to keep a few tabs open, but from my invoice page I should be able to, as the poster above stated, click the invoice to be marked as paid, hit submit, then add a button to mark as paid in full or enter the amount that is paid rather than typing out the amount again.


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    Thank you for the idea. Unfortunately, this request has had little support from the community since it was submitted, so we are moving this idea to the Archived status. For more information on Idea Statuses, please read this article: Changes to our Idea Exchange pages