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Payroll: Allocate three banking transactions

We are currently having an issue with a client who is paying there employees in more than one bank withdrawl.  By doing this we are aunable to allocate to a payrun.  When running payroll reports and the profit and loss it seems to be reporting on the actual pay run not when the expenses is allocated.  This could create issues down the track.  I would like to request that the payroll run needs to be allocated against a withdrawal prior to be included in the profit and loss reports. 


Also there needs to be a way of allocating a number of transactions to one item.  In my case the three withdrawals all need to be allocated to one payrun.


"Allocation of Payroll"


  • Hi there,


    Hope I've understood your question properly, and my reply makes sense. 


    Because of these issues, the work around I have used is to create a bank account in MYOB called Payroll Clearing and I've linked the Pay Run to this in the Settings/Payroll menu.  The multiple payment transaction from the actual bank account can be allocated to the clearing account, and you can reconcile the transactions when the multiple payments and the payrun figures for an employee match.


    When I say Allocate - Live Accounts currently requires you to enter the transaction between the bank account and the Payroll Clearing account as a bank transfer and then it will match the imported or linked bank statement.


    Hope this helps.


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