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5 years ago

Payslips: Show sick leave in hours (NZ)

Hi there,

Currently on employee pay slips you show annual leave in hours and sick leave in days,  Why is this?  I'm constantly being asked by our staff to let them know how much leave they are owed.  I realise it's a calculation that they need to do with the hours showing but I find this frustrating especially when we show their sick leave in days owing.  I understand that this is the way it has to be at the moment but have you considered an upgrade with perhaps the option to convert to days owed or showing both hours and days on the pay slips.




"Leave and Sick Leave"


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    I agree, we have just switched to essentials from the old MYOB payroll and employees are finding it totally confusing as they cannot see how much sick leave they took in hours. Everything else on the payslip is in hours, can we not show sick leave in this way too?

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      Why are different leave types shown in different ways? Employees find it very confusing when a public holiday or sick leave is just shown as days and a dollar amount, with no indication of the hours.  It would be clearer if every line item was consistent i.e. rate x quantity = amount.

  • I agree, We have just switched  to essentials from Ace Payroll, our empolyees are also finding it confusing. I may finding Ace Payroll was a lot better.

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