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11 years ago

Quotes: Show Invoiced status

There's a nice feature to create an invoice from a quote, but it's really laborious (multiple screens, clicks, backwards and forwards etc) to work out which quotes have been invoiced and which are still requiring work (either work performed for the client, or an invoice to be sent).  


This is particularly hard when doing multiple jobs for the same customer as they all show up with the client's name and no description of the job.


A simple solution - when creating an invoice from a quote, allow the user to change the status to "invoiced".  That way the business owner can quickly look at the quote reports work out what quotes need work to get cash in the bank and not miss out / go broke.


I imagine most people would have to spend ages working through it and go broke, or (as I have to do), manage this on an excel spreadsheet outside of MYOB and rekey all the info multiple times.


Maybe this isn't the best fix in the long term, but it's a quick and easy fix that would help me enormously to start being able to manage sales flows.  Not being able to do so makes me want to find another platform that's integrated with a CRM - there's many on the market, so MYOB needs to step up if they want to keep pace.


 "Quote status - "invoiced""


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    Hi deepfried 


    The Quotes window within MYOB Essentials will showcase the status of that quote i.e. Invoiced will show when the quote has been converted into an invoice.

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    Wow. I'd forgotten about that one. I gave up on MYOB Esentials bring anything more than an accounting system among 7 years ago by the pool of it.


    Also been waiting 2+ years to be migrated from the legacy system onto the new version of the software while MYOB signs up new customers at half price.  It's woeful.