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11 years ago

Report: Purchase by item

You have the 'Sales by Item' report so why not 'Expenses by Item'?


You are able to enter a new Item for each side of the transaction so why not be able to report on both???




"Reports - Expense by Item"


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    Hi Dev Team,


    Could we please have a report in Essentials that lists all my purchases by Items.


    Like the Sales by Items, but so I can see what I have purchased without having to dump the Bills by Supplier report to Excel, and then fishing out all the transactions that are relevant.


    I can't believe that this is missing.






    "Purchases by Item report is needed"

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      Hello AlanT 


      Thanks for the great suggestion, you can print a report similar to this request by going to Reports>>Bills Reports>>Bills by Supplier >>Tick Item Detail>>Select Dates>>Generate Report. But as we have discovered in an earlier post you cannot export this report to excel all will need to be done manually.


      I encourage all users that would like this report to be made available in Essentials "Purchases by Items"  and bring able to be exported to excel to vote and comment on this idea. 

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      I would find this useful too. Also the ability to export all reports to excel. Thanks

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      This is an important report given that Essentials does not have job costing capabilities. 

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    We have painstakingly entered items and corresponding prices to every single item we purchase for stock when we enter our bills, however have just discovered there is no report so that you can track these items per month/week/year.

    For example, we want to see how many litres of milk we purchase over a month, and despite having "Milk 1L" as an item, there is no way to view this report, and instead we have to go through each invoice and manually compile this information.

    Very strange as I know there is an items sold report! 

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      YEs!, this would be extremely helpful - why have the sales side and not the purchase side? additionally I would like to have an item that I purchase but don't sell. Such as fuel, I am eligable to claim fuel tax credits, but MYOB Essentials has no way to record this, I have to go through and manually do this or create an outside spreadsheet. if there was a report for purchase side it would be so much easier

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    That's a great suggestion. Anyone else who would find this report useful, please cast your vote for this idea.
  • Hi I would dearly like a report for purchase by item. We are farmers and need this report for animal reconciliation at end of financial year.