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10 years ago

Reports: Based on open quotes

It would be great if in the reports area you could print :

An "open quotes" listing; and 

Cash flow Report in Accounting Essentials


"Accounting Essentials Reports"


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    You might like to look at Calxa Express. It's a great cashflow forecasting add-in for AccountRight (plus Xero and QuickBooks).


    Although it can't currently link to Essentiials, keep an eye out - I believe a link is coming soon !

  • MYOB Essentials Accounting requires a Cash Flow Report - is this something that MYOB are working on?

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    Hello Andrew_Foote 


    Thank you for your suggestions, we're always looking to improve workflow in Essentials and would be happy to consider adding these reports in. If there is anyone else that would like to see more reports in Essentials please comment and vote.





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    Yes please, a cash flow report would be immensly handy in essentials!!!


  • Hi goomba


    Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea. 

    Along with commenting you can show your support for an idea on the MYOB Essentials Idea Exchange by voting. To vote for an idea on the MYOB Essentials Idea Exchange using the "+ VOTE" button to the left of the idea's name.

  • Andrew_Foote wrote:

    It would be great if in the reports area you could print :

    An "open quotes" listing; and 

    Cash flow Report in Accounting Essentials

    Yes! It would also be great if there was a filter for Accepted Quotes. This would help with bank forecasts.


    A TOTAL row at the bottom for this and in “customer invoices” would also be very handy.

    Currently at the end of each month I have to manually add all the invoices issued over the month with a calculator.

  • When trying to report on all bank tranactions using MYOB Essentials I keep getting this error









  • A Cash Flow Analysis Report (as is currently in AccountEdge) is a necessity for me in managing my business.  I have recently moved to Essentials from AccountEdge because the new Mac Catalina operating system will not support AccountEdge.  


    However, the one thing I really really need is a Cash Flow Analysis Report, which of course means we need to be able to save templates (or recurring transactions) in order to allow this report to function.   Most business have upcoming regular items that are either payable or receivable, and these are usually regular items ie weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.  Even General Journal entries need to be able to be saved as templates or recurring transaction.  For example, at the end of each financial year, there are General Journal entries to be made to reflect Accountant's figures.  In Accountedge, the recurring transactions save such a lot of time!!  I know bank feeds and their rules help a lot, but there are still good reasons to have forward planning ability using the Cash Flow Analysis Report and recurring transactions or templates.  



    (1) Templates or recurring transactions need to be available (incl. General Journal Entries)

    (2) Cash Flow Analysis Report 





  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    The Sales register report available in MYOB Essentials allows users to report on different sale statuses including quotes. This filter is located in the Customise option once generating the report on-screen.