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10 months ago

Stop & Start payment reminders associated at invoice level

We require an immediate capability to stop payment reminders associated at the invoice level.


Our current challenge pertains to the need for a precise method to halt reminders at the individual invoice level, or alternatively, to place a temporary hold on them.

This issue directly impacts two of our clients. One is presently on vacation. The second client requested the suspension of their project for a short duration.

At the bottom of each invoice, there are no available options except for the deletion of the invoice.

(refer to Screenshot-1).


Partial Resolution:
We are aware that you have the ability to discontinue reminders at the client level. However, upon contacting customer support today, they reiterated that reminders can only be stopped at the customer level, not at the invoice level.

(refer to Screenshot-2).


I inquired with customer support about the possibility of receiving prompts to re-enable reminders when creating the next invoice after stopping them at the customer level. Regrettably, customer support confirmed that there would be no such prompts.


While pausing reminders at the customer level may be suitable for certain scenarios, it is not a viable solution for these specific clients and our business case.


A Critical Software Flaw:
If we choose to disable reminders for these clients, we will encounter two significant issues.


  1. Firstly, our workload will increase as we will need to maintain a record of which clients have had reminders stopped and remember to reinstate reminders for future invoices when these two clients reactivate their projects.
  2. Secondly, and perhaps more detrimental, is the fact that one client expected to receive automated reminders for additional separate invoices related to smaller jobs. Due to the disabling of reminders, they will no longer receive automated notifications for these invoices.

Am I Overlooking Anything?
During my research for alternative solutions, I came across information on the MYOB website (https://www.myob.com/au/solutions/small-business) stating that we can "Automate your operations..." (paragraph 4). Additionally, the Simplified billing with online invoicing section mentions a feature such as "...automated payment reminders (for those who need a nudge)."


If my interpretation of this website information is accurate (please correct me if I am mistaken), disabling reminders for our clients and subsequently sending them additional invoices would result in a failure to "Automate our operations" and access the "automated payment reminders" feature.


So now I have disabled reminders and if I send future invoices, will we now be paying for something we are not receiving?

Does this website information require correction?


Alternative Solutions:
A straightforward solution can be found in ZOHO Books (https://www.zoho.com/au/books/), our previous accounting software, which offers the ability to stop & start reminders at the invoice level.

(refer to Screenshot-3).


Given that MYOB is a premium accounting SaaS product, this falls short of our expectations.


1) Implement the capability to stop reminders at the invoice level.
2) If not feasible in the immediate future, MYOB should consider revising the wording on the website to align with the actual functionality of the software, as the current promise appears unfulfilled in our case.


We eagerly await clarification on this matter and request a timeline for the implementation of these changes by the development team.


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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi B_ruce
    Thanks for your post and welcome here to the Community Forum. We are glad to have you here.


    Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We totally understand the urgency of your request and the impact of this on your business. We value and appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this matter. As of this moment, we do not have any specific timeframe for this. Rest assured that we will relay this to our relevant team.  

    Feel free to come back to the Community Forum if you have any more questions, we are more than happy to assist. 

  • Sure thing Leneth_A  👍


    As a premium SAAS product, I am sure MYOB has a public roadmap, can you please forward me the link?

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi there,

    Thank you for reaching out and for sharing your suggestion to enhance our software with an additional feature. Your feedback is highly valued, and we greatly appreciate your active engagement with our product. We acknowledge the significance of this feature to you. While we cannot make any commitments at this time, please rest assured that we are committed to thoroughly evaluating your request. 

    Once again, thank you for your valuable suggestion, and we are grateful for your continued use of our software.

    Warm regards,

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi B_ruce
    You are most welcome. I also want to express my gratitude for your patience and cooperation while we work on improving this feature. Your active participation is highly valued in our community. 

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are always here to help.