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Myob Account Right: Inventory For Manufacturing Company

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Myob Account Right: Inventory For Manufacturing Company

Hey guys, my knowledge with MYOB Account Right Inventory is a bit rusted. Can you please guide me on how to manage the following scenario? 


The Client purchases several different parts/Items as inventory like more than fifty parts. They work on the parts and create 5 products for sale. 


My Question 1 is: Since the Items are parts should i still TICK i Sell this item? I have already ticked I Buy and Inventory this item? the parts are not for Sale the Product after the process is for Sale.


Question 2: How do i build the items from those parts? specially each product has like upto 40 parts used. Is it that, i create a new item with collection of all those parts? 


Question 3: If i create a new item (Built) from all those parts how do i sell it with premium? like built item is collective 20$ each but sale price of the product maybe $500. 


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Re: Myob Account Right: Inventory For Manufacturing Company

Hi @Feroz , to answer your questions:

- the parts do not have to have I sell ticked,  that is optional. 

- create new items for the assemblies, and create the autobuild definition,  which defines what parts go to make up that item. 

- the assembled item will also have a selling price set, and when sold,  the sell price less its cost gives the gross margin. 


In Accountright, if you sell an assembly that has no stock,  it will prompt you to build one.  Or you can build stock of assemblies as they are produced,  a better option in my view. 


When assemblies are built,  the stock of parts is automatically reduced. 


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