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Accounts List: Hide Inactive Accounts

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It would be good to be able to hide the inactive accounts in the Account Lists screen.  Also to hide the closed bank accounts in the Company Data Auditor - Account Reconciliation screen.

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It would also be great to be able to run a balance sheet that includes accounts with a zero balance and excludes accounts marked at inactive
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Since it is near impossible to delete an account now with any activity on it, even from years ago, is there any consideration to being able to hide inactive accounts from the chart of accounts display.  I inherited a mess and the number of obsolete account lines is nearly more than the active ones, yet I have to view them all.   GRRRR.....

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I have multiple inactive accounts in the accounts list that make it incredibly tedious for current workflow - it seems only logical to be able to hide them from the accounts list once they are made in active - is there any hope this will become an option?