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Add "final notice" text to statement based on days overdue/terms

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We currently have to print receivables, highlight 60+ days overdue and manually send them a "fial notice" version of our statement, then manually unselect those customers and change to the normal statement without "final notice" and send them in a seperate run.


It would be great if myob could automatically add a predefined "final notice" statement text field to statements when the customer is outside their their trading terms.


Even if you had the ability to select two or three statements based on terms i.e.:

within trading terms = standard statement

xx days overdue = reminder statement

xx days overdue = final notice statement


where the xx days overdue is customisable and so is the "reminder statement" and "final notice statement" i.e. you can call them whatever you like when you create them, then select that file from the spot where you choose the settings of the days overdue, like a browse box then select the statement file and click ok and it appears in the box.

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Hi Aaron,


If you ever need more functionlaity that the basicreminder letters in MYOB, I would suggest you check out the MYOB Addon - ezyCollect

Just as a heads up, we help business to better manage the receivables process. Let’s face it, reminding your customers about those unpaid invoices is a pretty onerous task. Think of the time spent on phone calls, emails, sending statements etc - costing you thousands of dollars each month.

There has to be an easier way right? Well now there is, and it’s called ezyCollect


ezyCollect helps you get paid faster by connecting to your MYOB account and finding all your outstanding accounts receivable invoices. Within a few quick steps you’ll have a customised template that can be automatically emailed to clients who have not paid by the due date – just the thing to keep cash flowing into your coffers.


You can set reminders to go out just before the due date, right after and at intervals right up to the dreaded “Final Demand”. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that though!


Sounds great so far, but what about those customers you need to keep sweet no matter what? ezyCollect has thought of that: you can prevent reminders being sent to particular contacts or for certain invoices.


Watch this video to see how ezyCollect integrates with MYOB - and if you have the time check out this Case Study that show you how one of our customers improved cash-flow by 50% in just the first 60 days of using ezyCollect.


Thanks  - and if you have any questions or need to talk - please buzz AJ on 0431 249 330