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Cards: Ability to make a card a customer and supplier





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As some others have said as well, i have both customers and suppliers, there should be an option to tick where a business is both. As most of the information is the same, there could just be an extra tab or two to incorporate the differences and away you go. Alternatively it would be good use the Spend Money to create an EFT payment file to be processed thru the ABA upload to the bank.






"Supplier and Customer combined"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2014

 Thanks for the great suggestion. I can see where it would be useful to have a single card for entities that are both customers and suppliers. Anyone else who would like to see this, please cast your vote here.

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Thank you all for your comments and votes. We've shared this with the product development team. Do keep the comments and votes coming.

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I was going to raise this suggestion if it hadn't already been raised. There are frequent occasions when a contact is a supplier, or customer. I would like to see the single contact to be able to be linked with any profile in the card options, whether that be supplier, customer, employee etc. 

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Yes, Yes please.

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Is this option avaialbe yet?  It would be very handy if it could be please

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Yes I really need this option. I am moving accross from Myob Essentials that already has this option and am now finding it difficult to adjust to having to make two card files instead of the one.


I defiantly would like to see this eventuate ASAP.