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Pay Superannuation: Delete or hide reversed paysuper payments

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There is currently no way to hide or delete authorised (or approved) PaySuper transactions so ones that need to be amended will still show as partially authorised (if 2 authorisations required)


"PaySuper - delete or hide reversed paysuper payments"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: November 2014

Thanks for your excellent suggestion @scfsh We are definitely seeking feedback on how we can make the manage payments screen easier to use. Anyone with feedback on how they would like to be able to filter, remove or hide transactions on the manage payments screen, please leave your comments here.

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 I agree with everyone above. I had completed a Super entry and another staff member did a second one for the same month. I still see the amount 'Pending' and it would be great to delete it or hide it somehow so no one will think it needs paying and then completes it by mistake!

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Totally agree with the above users of the MYOB s/ware. Any unwanted or mistaken transactions should have the option of comment or to be tagged as not required to be processed - with a note. In a company where many staff are employed and managed, it is difficult to remember the reasons why some transactions are made and then reversed. A note next to the transaction is beneficial as opposed to deletion - in order to mainatain transaction history - which is already there in the journal

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This is a top priority I need  to be able to remove the incorrect payment to stop it being selected and paid twice.

I have just spent an hour trying to rectify this problem only to find out now that it can not be fixed.

Now I have the 2 recorded transcactions and 2 revesals on my bank register and I now have to explain, that I can not change this.

Not happy at all.

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It would be good if we were able to remove unprocessed payments (which are more than likely to be due to an error) this way they cannot be accidently "processed/approved" at a later date. Even if it showed as "deleted" next to it instead of awaiting approval you dont run the risk of clicking on a payment that should not be made. 

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When you reverse a super payment the pending authorisation still shows. This is very confusing and in my case I ended up reversing twice as it isn't clear enough to see if it has worked or not. When you reverse an unauthorised payment it should disappear, so more mistakes aren't made.

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Just voted but am disappointed to see when reading back that the Status was changed to: Under consideration waaaay back in 2014 ... almost 2 years ago. I don't understand why it seems to take so long for things to be actioned???

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Seriously if this issue has been around for 2 years why hasnt it been updated.
It is ridiculous! And to have it sitting there as pending authourisation is dangerous. Why WHY WHY MYOB can I not just delete the transaction. All because I accidently chose the wrong pay from account. And then I have to come on here and whinge about it just for it to be an "idea". How about you action it... PLEASE! Super frustrated right here if you cant tell! Thanks!

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There seems to be a lot of support for this expressed over a long period of time. Surely it's not that difficult a fix?

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One way that these issues need to be highlighed to the development team, is the length of time that these issues have been running and they should also appear on this forum - in the Subject Line - as follows.. Meeting their KPI (Key Performace Indicator) values - eg. Between 1 and 3 months - Green, Between 3 and 6 months yellow, Between 7 months and beyond (RED).


This would show hoe reactive MYOB are - and how well their issues are addressed and resolved - to bring back confidence to their product and to their loyal customer base. There are plenty of other s/ware solutions out there - and MYOB might be one that starts to lose their presence as being a s/ware of choice.


MYOB - take action and listen to your customer base.



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This is emerging as a bigger problem since more people will be using the "Pay Super" directly from Accountright feature.  Hopefully more users will complain to MYOB and they'll get this fixed.  However, I don't understand at all why this hasn't been done already since it's a SECURITY issue!!!  


Honestly, this issue makes it far too easy for someone to make a double payment to a Super fund.  For example, if I'm on leave and someone else is doing the super payments for me, how are they to know that the ones in Manage payments and still marked as "Pending Authorisation" are not there ready for them to authorise and send?


Come on MYOB, get your act together and fix this URGENTLY