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Reconcile Accounts: Click and drag to select (multiple) tick boxes




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can you please bring back the function that was available in the old versions of MYOB eg Premier v19, whereby you could click and drag the mouse down over the tick boxes in a Bank Reconciliation or when processing payroll? I know the feature to click and select / unselect ALL the tick boxes, but the drag and select feature was really useful for selecting / unselecting groups of transactions in one go. I get so frustrated having to click each single box!!





"Group Ticking of Tick Boxes"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2013

Great idea - folks vote on this one if you like it!

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Thank you all for your comments and votes. Your feedback has been forwarded to our product developers. We request others who would like the ability to click and drag to select multiple entries to please continue to vote (by clicking on the + Vote button at the top left hand side of this post). 

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Hurry up MYOB this was first suggested in Nov 2013.  Its not as if its a new idea, it was on your old software versions!!!!  It would be lovely if you cosidered things just a little quicker to make things easier for your users. 

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Showing my support - please implement!!! This was a great feature in v19

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I can't believe this function was switched off in the upgrade from V19.

Incredibly time consuming having to individually tick all items in reports/reconcilations etc rather than just dragging over a selection. 

How many votes does this need to be switched back on? 


Whatever happened to "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"?

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Thank you very much for your feedback @LouiseB


The new AccountRight and v19 are built on complete different data platforms, our developers did try to make the new AccountRight behave the same way as v19 did but they do have their differences.


I can see that being able to click and drag to interact with multiple transactions and fields the same time would make data entry easier. I've passed on your feedback to our developers, I would encourage any other interested users please also cast your votes, which will help our developers priorities their work.

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Absolutely agree !    I have over 2,000 stock items, and I have to run reports on just some of them ie. 400 items only.  Before I could click and drag through those items, now the only option is to click 'all' or to click one item at a time ... which is soooo frustrating when you have to click 400 items.   !!!

Please fix MYBO, this is one change I am very sorry to see.

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Just revisitinig this wonderful idea.   I had the painful job tonight of trying to reconcile very old messy PAYG and Superannation accounts using the bank reconcilation screen ticking hundreds of transactions one at a time!   I wish this feature would be included in the latest versions of MYOB Account Right 2015.x this took me four times longer than it should have.... not to mention my poor client who has to pay for the time it tookSmiley Sad. RSI kicking in!


Please move up the fix list. 

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Hi @CloudMindAcc


Thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea and providing a real world example of how this idea does affect yourself. I've shared your feedback and thoughts with the team.

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Would love this feature also for the Pay Superannuation window. I pay the super quarterly and it's so frustrating that you cant click and drag the hundreds of transactions that appear.


Hope this is added in an update soon!

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This feature really needs to come back, it is very frustrating without it..Please fix it.