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Reports: Total hours allocated to job

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We have recently changed to MYOB payroll and use your timesheets not time billing for entering and processing pays.   Your customer support have advised there is currently no report available in your Payroll reporting, that is able to generate a total number of hours for individual or all employees per job.   Currently your reporting only provides a cost per job for wages.  We require a report that will provide a total number of hours per payroll category i.e. Base hours, overtime for a given employee or all employees for a specified period.   



"Payroll Job Allocation Reporting Total Number of Hours"

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Still no report.  This has been going on since 2015.

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Is this report something that is being looked into and added in the near future? It has been 6 years since the original post, continued requests for it, but still not available?

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I am struggling to find a report that shows hours on a job (can only find $$ figures) and also a report by job that shows orders. Is there any way of getting these two reports?


Thanks in advance Smiley Happy

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Still no report for this ....... come on MYOB........ subscriptions continue to rise and still no report. Is there an add-on you can suggest in the meantime.