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Sales/Purchase: Allow shortcut to record transaction

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I am currently using Accountright version 2015.3.17.3339.  


1.  From just before the change of the MYOB interface, I have not been able to use Alt_O (Record) on my keyboard when entering sales or purchases.  Most of the Alt functions do not work anymore.  I have used 2 computers (different keyboards) and it has done the same thing.


2.  Also tabbing through the textboxes on any of the forms in MYOB is not in the correct sequence.Sometimes it does but intermittently. eg after entering a customer in the 'Enter Sales' form, it would take you to 'invoice number', 'date', 'customer po No' and then straight down to 'salesperson' instead of the first line of the grid 'Date'.  But then after recording about 2 or 3 invoices, it does it correctly.  It's like the form needs to be trained every time.


3.  Also when using the drop down box to choose 'Customer' or 'Supplier' in 'Sales Register' and 'Purchases Register', it does not set focus on the text box.  You need to press tab or click on the text box with your mouse.  Also you should be able to use the space bar on the 'Search by' drop down box to choose the option you require.  But space bar does not do this also.


I have a background in programming and know that every software package should enable the user to use a Keyboard only and not require the mouse. Hence the reason why you used to have the 'o' underlined with the word 'Record' etc. Which I just realised was removed.  It would be so much quicker to enter data into MYOB if I didn't have to keep reaching for my mouse to point and click on the record button.


Would appreciate if these options became available throughout the package, not just the forms I mentioned above.


 "Use of Keyboard throughout Accountright"

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In the classic version, I used to use the Ctrl - Enter key to record or save a transaction. It saved a lot of mouse use and time. I really miss this and would love to have it back please

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Yep this is really annoying!

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi Everyone

AccountRight 2016.3 will now allow the user to select the ALT + O to record an invoice and purchase. 

In terms of tabbing through the values on an Invoice I was unable to replicated this situation within AccountRight 2016.3. If you are still having the same situation I would recommend posting on the AccountRight: Sales and purchases of the MYOB Community Forum so we can investigate further