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2 months ago

MYOB Bank Feeds - not splitting in percentages

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Since the update, in my bank feeds I have a few transactions that need to be split across two accounts.  Previously I was able to split as a percentage. For example - I have a direct debit that goes out weekly that I split across 2 different expense accounts.  I can usually in my bank feed go to the drop down box, allocate me, categorise, enter category (or expense account), then enter in amount (%) such as 50% and then it will split accordingly.  Since the update when I enter in the amount (%) such as 50% - it keeps putting an amount in the first column - have attached screenshot - what am I doing wrong?? huge thanks

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    I have tested this issue and found it split correctly using percentages
    Testing included $1500 as the value
    added category then 50 in amount % column

    2nd line, added category/account then 50 in amount% column

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        Hi Chris_McComb


        Thanks a ton for your insightful answer on our community forum, partner! Also, JulesGerbera, I'm glad that the answer of Chris was able to assist you. Feel free to post again if you encounter any issues in the future.


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