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API Timeout Limit Changes

09/06/2021 - 2:20pm NZ Time


Hi there,


Our Development Teams are in the process of completing ongoing work around the performance of the API.




03/06/21 - 4:40pm NZ time


Hi there,


Our Development Teams are doing further work tonight around error rate reduction and performance for the API.




02/06/21 - 5:36pm NZ time


Hi there,


Our Development Teams are working overnight to deploy some changes to our API to reduce the error rate that is currently being experienced.




02/06/21 - 2:40pm NZ time


Hi there,


We are in the process of making some experience enhancements to our API platform that will speed up its connection capability and provide more stability for developers. 

To support these enhancementswe have changed our Timeout Limit to 29 seconds. This change came into effect this week. 

We understand the new Timeout Limit is resulting in a higher than average error rate for some users and we want to let you know we are working on fixing this as a priority. We commit to keeping you updated as soon as possible on how this work is progressing.


Action to take

Please ensure you adjust your code to match the new Timeout Limit. To help you do this, we've provided some links to relevant Knowledgebase articles below: 


If you have any questions, feel free to log a ticket with the API Support Team. 


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