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4 years ago

TPAR timeout error

Hi, I am unable to create a file or a report for TPAR in AR2020.2. I keep getting a timeout error. Is there a fix for this problem yet?

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    4 years ago

    Hi BALDWIN1 , Tetyana and PQLD 


    We have some great news for our clients today: AccountRight 2020.3 is now available on my.myob!


    In this release, we’ve resolved the timeout errors that most of our clients were experiencing when attempting to run the Taxable Payments Annual Report. Watch out for the 2020.3 release notes by subscribing to the AccountRight Blog.


    We’d like to thank you all for being patient with us as we have worked hard to get this release of AccountRight 2020.3 to you to ensure you can get your Taxable Payments Annual Report in by the 28th. Please do let us know if you have any questions.

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    MYOB Product Team

    Hi BALDWIN1 & Hides 


    I have some good news for this, we found out what was causing the bug and have a fix coming in 2020.3 which is coming soon.


    I'm was assigned to fix this bug and was able to get the report to generate over 50 pages within 30 seconds for files larger than 3GB with the data being accurate each time we tested it. This release is currently with some dedicated testers to do deeper testing and make sure it's definitely ready for release.


    When will it come out?:

    I can't commit to an exact date/range as I'm not involved in the overall release plan but I do know that there is urgency to release this before the August 28 Deadline.


    So what happened?:

    Without getting too deep into the technical detail, it looks like this report has not been touched for a few years and 2020.2's database changes seem to change the way certain queries behave, with this query not following the conventions of the new ORM. It was fixed by making sure that we are following the new conventions and while we were at it we also made some optimisations to make it even faster.


    How to get notified of the new release?:

    Each release should send out an email to those that enabled email-comms with MYOB, but there is also the AccountRight Blog on the Forum that you can subscribe to for when the 2020.3 announcement post comes up you can get an email notification.



    I do apologise for the broken report, especially an important one like this, if you have any comments you'd like to make on this feel free to send me a Private Message on this Forum and I'll make sure to bring these up in our post-release meetings for improvement.


    You can send me a Private Message by clicking my username then clicking Send Message on the next page.


    As a note, I might not be able to respond to each message I get but I do keep each email I get.

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      Contributing Cover User



      I see there has been no update on this thread for 2 weeks. Has a release date been advised for this fix? 


      The 28/08/2020 deadline for submission to the ATO is fast approaching and obviously time is needed to review the files prior to submission.




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        Former Staff

        Hi Rhianna 


        We do understand and thank you for being patient with us. We are still confirming details of when this release will be ready, but once we have clarification, I will be sure to post an update for you on this post. Also be sure to keep an eye out for updates on the AccountRight Blog.

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    Former Staff

    Hi BALDWIN1 


    Thank you for your post and sorry for the inconvenience. 


    Our developers are still investigating this and understand the importance of getting it resolved as soon as possible. In the meantime, please feel free to private message me your full name, serial number and email address so we can update you when the fix is out.

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      Hi Jesh_D 


      I am having the same issue.  Can you help me with this file too?   I've attached the error log.  



      Many thanks




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        Former Staff

        Hi Hides 


        What that error usually indicates is that there is an invalid supplier postcode/s in the card files (i.e. Postcode contains invalid characters or letters or a really long post code). Could you try checking your supplier postcodes in the card file to ensure that no invalid characters have been used (i.e. [ ] ! # $ % * ; = @).


        If you can't see any invalid characters, please let me know and we will investigate further.

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      Contributing Cover User



      Can I also p0lease have e-mail notification when the issue with the TPAR timeout error is ractified.


      Out MYOB serial number is xxxx xxxx 0013 and my e-mail address is You would have it through the secure chat anyway. 


      Kind regards,



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        Former Staff

        Hi Tetyana 


        For your privacy and security I have removed your serial number and email address from your post. Please only provide confidential information if requested by a Moderator. 


        If you have enabled email communications with MYOB you will receive an email when 2020.3 is released. I also recommend subscribing to the AccountRight Blog for updates and release information: AccountRight Blog

        Please don't hesitate to post again if you need help in the future.

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    Experienced Cover User


    did you get a resolution - i have exact same probleme

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      MYOB Moderator

      Hi PQLD 


      The patch with a fix for this issue is not released yet. We will update this thread once it's out. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.