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Items: Selling Price including GST




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New Zealand

Currently LiveAccounts only offers a GST exclusive Item Sell price and two decimal places for the price.


This causes issues like the following:

A $36 inc. GST price becomes 31.40. Which then means if I invoice for a couple of these, the invoice (GST inclusive) displays:

  • a unit price of $35.99  -  I want $36
  • a total of $71.99  -  this is neither the $72 figure I wanted nor 2x $35.99

Please add either a GST inclusive Item Sell price or 3 decimal places for GST ex.


Many thanks!


"Item Sell price including GST OR 3 decimal places"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: July 2022

Hi Everyone

MYOB Essentials will allow the user to select whether they wish for the selling price to be tax inclusive or tax exclusive when setting up their items.

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Relating to this.

I vote for a TAX inclusive amount in Item.


AND / OR a 2 decimal place setting for the Invoice. Reason for this is


If I sell an item for $50.00 inc GST. It shows up on my Item page as $45.45 ex tax.

When selling this item on the invoice it shows up as $49.995 for the Unit price and $50.00 for the Amount. It is untidy.

Contributing Cover User
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Contributing Cover User

I agree with CNCS - in the item tab, please allow the price to be inclusive when creating new items. This is possible in Myob Accountright and makes it much easier and neater on the final invoices.

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Experienced User

All of our items are sold to customers inclusive of GST. When setting up items in MYOB Essentials I dont have an option of setting the selling price as GST inclusive. This means I am having to work out the price excluding GST, enter this amount with 3 decimal places to get as close to the final sale amount as possible. This is not only very time consuming, its also not very accurate.


My issues arrise when I sell multiple items. I am having to adjust every item, on every invoice. Even when selling single items I still adjust the unit price as it doesnt look professional.


It is possible to have an option to enter items GST inclusive or GST exclusive? Im sure I am not the only person this is affecting.


Below is an example of how our invoices would appear if I didn't manually adjust each entry. The total of this invoice should be $6600.00

MYOB Invoice

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Hi @LJM14

Thank you for your feedback in regards to MYOB Essentials

I've merged your idea with this idea already included on the MYOB Essentials Idea Exchange.

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Dear MYOB Team,


Could you please give the optinon to register a price for an item including tax, not only excluding it, please?


In the Window Sales, Items, Selling details, field Sell Price has only the option for an Item price to be excluding tax.


An option in the de price for gst included or excluded is quite usefull when the company has no control of the sale price and all the product's price are GST included. I know we can enter the price less gst, but it is just inconvenienet and extra work.





Michell Feitosa


 Ps. Apple's computers are the new generation and cloud software or IOS software compability is a must for the companies. IF they dont follow the new thrends they may end up the new Kodak case study.

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Hi @MichellFeitosa


Thank you for your feedback in regards to MYOB Essentials

I've merged your idea with this similar pre-existing idea on the MYOB Essentials Idea Exchange.

MYOB Moderator
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MYOB Moderator

Have had a couple clients lately wondering if it's possible to change the Unit prices for an item to include GST..
As sometimes they are given the price of an item with GST included and entering this into the item will obviously give them a new total when entering a bill etc.
Obviously an easy fix by figuring out the tax and subtracting that from the price before adding the unit price but if possible to include this into the software to make things a little easier would be nice.
If the software was clever enough to know whether the unit price was GST inclusive/exclusive this should affect total amount at the enter bills etc section.
Thanks for your time. Smiley Happy

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Totally agree with the previous comments, it is making me consider going back to account edge because it is just painful having the odd number and trying to round it up.

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Hi Guys,


I personally find it hard to fathom why this not an option to have GST included in the item prices.

It makes no sense. I am finding incredibly inconvenient and am having to manually enter items or alter prices on the invoices themselves.

Causing a lot of unecessary work for me.

PLEASE MYOB! change this!!

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Experienced User

This was under consideration in 2014... This issue drives me insane with almost every entry! One would think it's a resonable request.... There should be an option to select if you are entering item prices including GST.