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Assigning Bank Feed Spending for GST amounts higher than 10% (ie 100% = ONLY GST)

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MYOB Essentials only allows you to assign GST amounts UP TO 10% for spending.

Unfortunately, since July, eBay now often sends 2 seperate bills when overseas products bought:

* 1st Debit is for Item amount (GST free)

* 2nd Debit s for Australian Law GST amount (ie 10% of above price)


Essentials allows entry of 1st Debit amount as "GST FREE" = Good

Essentials currently does NOT entry of 2st Debit amount as no "100% GST" = Bad

Instead current work around is a doing a long 5 minute "Spend Money" complicated entry workaround then assigning that to the Bank Feed

(With GST catagory the most you can assign of an amount is 10% with nomanual override)


Also Import Tax and Duty payments suffer the same issue that they cannot be entered cleanly into Essentials as GST tax amount is > 10% also 


Please add a manual override to higher than 10% (with suitable warning ok)