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AccountRight 2019.2.1 is now available

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New Australian PAYG tax tables apply from 1 July 2019. Install this update to ensure your business stays compliant. 


We also fixed an issue where the wrong form (or default form) was used when printing or emailing.


What’s changed?


Tax table changes 

Tax rates and income thresholds changes 

There have been no changes to tax rates or income thresholds for the 2020 payroll year. 

HELP/SSL/TSL changes 

The HELP/SSL/TSL tax tables will be renamed 'Study and training support loads tax tables' and will cover HELP. VSLSFSS, SSL, ABSTUDY SSL and TSL 


STP improvements 

Update your STP details 

Now you can update your STP details in AccountRight, without having to call MYOB or the ATO 

In the Payroll reporting centre, click ATO settings to update your name, phone number, and email. To update your ABN or Software ID, click STP Settings and follow the prompts.  Find out more.


Year-to-date Verification report 

Compliance can be a headache, especially with a lot of employees. To take some of the pain out of this tax season, we’ve created a new report to help you verify the details you’re recording with the ATO. Find out more.


Payroll reporting centre - totals at a glance 

Now you can see the totals for Gross paymentsPAYG withholdingRFBA and Section 57A RFBA at a glance from the Payroll reporting centre by scrolling down to the new totals row. 


Other updates 

Fixed: We fixed an issue preventing custom forms and reports being saved and an issue where the wrong form (or default form) was used when printing or emailing.


What do I need to do now? 

Complete these steps before your first pay run in July 2019: 

  1. Install the 2019.2.1 update when you’re notified in AccountRight. 
  2. After you close your 2019 payroll year, go to the Setup menu and choose Load Payroll Tax Tables. 
  3. Click Load Tax Tables. 
  4. If you have more than one company file, repeat these steps in each file. 

To check that the tax tables have loaded successfully, open your company file, go to the Setup menu and choose General Payroll Information. The tax table revision date needs to be 01/07/2019. 



Our EOFY videos are just what you need.  


We’ll also have a team of EOFY experts ready to answer your questions at selected times during June and July on Live Chat.  


Watch now 



How to update   

If you’re using AccountRight Plus or Premier in Australia, you'll be prompted to update when you open your company file over the next few days, or you can download the update from . 


Installation tips 

  • When installation is complete, you won’t see a confirmation message. You can restart AccountRight immediately after installing the update. 
  • You won’t see a new desktop icon for the 2019.2.1 release. You can keep using the AccountRight 2019.2 icon to open AccountRight. 
  • Your company file won’t need upgrading, which means computers using 2019.2 or 2019.2.1 can open your file (but you should still install this update on all computers). 
  • If you already have Server Edition 2019.2, you will be notified that an update is available, however you can’t install the update directly from AccountRight’s notification window. You’ll need to: 
  • Uninstall your existing 2019.2 release from the server. 
  • Download the full 2019.2.1 Server Edition installer from 
  • Install 2019.2.1 on the server. 
  • If you already have PC Edition 2019.2 and you choose to download the full 2019.2.1 PC installer from the my.MYOB website, you will need to uninstall your existing 2019.2 software before you can install the new version. To avoid having to do this, download the “update” or “patch” installer instead (look for a .msp file), or update when prompted in your AccountRight software. 
  • If you have issues updating, see our troubleshooting guide.