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2 years ago

Day of month after EOM incorrect

I have been selecting the due date as 


"Day of month after EOM"


and then selecting 


"Last Day"


Have just noticed that it has been selecting 28th March 2023 and not the 31st as it should be. It appears it has just been selecting. Now I have to go back and amend each one individually.

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  • Hi Kieren 


    We have noticed that when the terms are set to be last day of next month it will only go as far the 28th. This is something that we have passed across to the required teams to investigate to see what changes can be made to get that to be the actual last day of the next month.  Currently, we don't have any additional information we can supply on that topic, however, I have tagged your account to say that you have been impacted by this situation, which will help prioritisation.