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2 years ago

Attaching receipts to payments/refunds



I am attempting to attach a receipt for a refund via 'In Tray' options.  Just noticed that link to 'Receive Money' is not possible.  Then attempted to drag and drop receipt to the transaction.  Doesn't seem to allow that either.  Are there any options to attach source docs to a 'receive money' transaction?




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    Hi Sam_P 


    The AccountRight desktop application will only allow for users to attach documents to bills or spend money records. Receive money transactions will not have that option for attachments.

    In saying that, the browser interface of AccountRight will allow for documents to be uploaded to banking transactions. As such, you can attach documents to receive money transactions through this method. Note: These documents will not be able to be seen or accessed in the Desktop application.

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      Hi Yanike


      Thank you for your response, it is helpful to know.


      Is there a plan to enable the ability to attach docs to recieve money transactions; as recieving credits is a normal part of business activity?

      Is there a plan to enable viewing of docs uploaded on the web interface in the desktop app?  It seems a bit odd that one would have to go looking around for docs in teh event of an audit.




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        Hi SamP3 


        Currently, attachments to Receive Money transactions are only applicable in the Browser interface (using the Attachments option in the Bank transactions window). To my knowledge, we don't have any immediate plans to have this functionality in the AccountRight Desktop application - having only Bills and Spend Money transactions allowing those attachments in that application.