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2 years ago

error when importing items

I update Item prices by exporting a file of items, altering the prices in that file and then importing it again.

In AR2020.2 (and 219. et al) the log contains a pile of error messages.  They provide no help in resolving the problem.

Error -4077: You have sales for this item.

Please help I have a huge amount of data to update prices for.

I'm using version 2022.6.24.6864

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    Hi Cathy1 , the 4077 error is usually due to a faulty duplicate of price level zero for one or more items. 


    MYOB will need to run a script over your file to fix it, a moderator will probably jump in to ask for some details. 

  • Hello Cathy1 


    Mike_James  is correct and I'm here to please confirm some details and I will be able to run a script over your file. Could please send me a Private Message containing:  

    •  Serial Number
    • The company File ID (Found under Help > About MYOB)
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      Hi Chris

      the company file I'd: 6

      cheers Cathy

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        Thank you Cathy1 


        I have processed a script over your file and you should now be able to import without encountering this error. 

        Please let me know how it goes.