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2 years ago

2021/2022 year Super under-calculation for bonus pays - how to fix?

Hello, just discovered an error, where the director was paid bonuses throughout the previous financial year - say 15 times but the bonuses didn't attract any Super - and they should have... 


I need to have paid 10% super on those bonus amounts. 


Is there an easy way to fix this? 


Would I go through each payment week - and reverse the "payment" just for the director, and put through the correct payment (same amount) but plus super (amending my bonus category to attract super) - and re-send this amount? only relating to the individual payee - not touching the other employees that the wages were paid for  - - -


I would then calculate SG levy on the overdue payments and send to ATO separately...


But first just trying to get my head around the STP way things are done - and being in the last financial year - would it affect anything? And does this sound like the way forward, or is there another way?


thanks for your imput! 


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  • Hi elizaday 


    Thanks for your post. You'll need to undo the STP finalisation for the director only first. To do this go to STP reporting centre>>EOFY finalisation tab>>Choose the Payroll year>>click on the employee and select Remove finalisation.


    Then process adjustment pays just for the superannuation amounts. The Help Article, Checking and adjusting super, has instructions for the adjustment pays.


    Once all the adjustment pays have been accepted in the STP reporting centre, check the director's Summary of payments report in the EOFY finalisation tab. If all amounts are correct you can re-do the finalisation.


    Please let me know if you need further help.


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