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4 months ago

ARL Payroll exports



Does anyone know the file one can export which provides the payroll from and to dates as well as all the fields in Transaction Journals / Disbursements / Employee Paycheques? I cannot locate one and it is now a reporting requirement for Screen Australia offset applications.


Also, why can't we access the Allocation Memo field when processing payrolls?


Thanks, Bronwyn

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  • Hi BronwynHamster,


    Thank you for your post, and my apologies for the delay in response.


    I can understand how important it is to have access to the specific payroll data you need, especially when it comes to meeting reporting requirements for Screen Australia offset applications. To export the payroll information you mentioned, you can try exporting the "Payroll Transaction Journal" report in AccountRight. Other payroll reports can be found in this Help article: Payroll reports.


    When it comes to accessing the allocation memo field during payroll processing, it typically appears when you select the blue arrow icon next to the employee's name. However, if you're referring to establishing a default memo for an employee's card, this can be done using the Payroll Details >>Standard Pay Memo field. Therefore, if you wish to have a standard memo for your employees, this can be set in the standard pay.


    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you need further help.


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      Thanks Princess R.


      I cannot locate the Payroll transaction journal in the Import / Export under the File drop down menu. If I run the payroll transaction journal and export to Excel this report also does not have the from and to dates of the payroll payment. 


      There is no access to the allocation memo field via payroll processing, only the memo field which you note below. That is where I pop the person's name, otherwise the Export doesn't show a person's name. 


      Sadly, whilst informative, this has not solved my issues.


      Thanks anyway,




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        Hi BronwynHamster,


        Thanks for your response. 


        I'm sorry to hear that the previous information provided didn't fully address your concerns. I'll do my best to assist you further.


        I've tried to replicate your situation in my end, and it appears that the allocation memo and pay period dates are not included. Upon further investigation, it seems that the allocation memo can only be exported via the general ledger report. I understand that this may not be the solution you were hoping for, and I truly appreciate your understanding in this matter. I would highly encourage you to post suggestions on our Product Ideas board. Your input is invaluable in helping our developers improve and shape our system.


        If there's anything else I can assist you with, please feel free to let me know.