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11 months ago

Restoring a backup ARL 2021 file

I am attempting to restore a 2021 ARL backup which looks to be v2021.2 file. I do not have copies of the old MYOB programs on my computer. MYOB advises I need to upgrade the file to 2023.x which I do. However, MYOB will not launch the upgraded file, it sits for a minute then simply disappears. Can I download older versions of the product to enable me to read the file? Cheers, Bronwyn

  • I have attempted to download several versions of 2021.x from MYOB's site. When I go to open it simply advises I need to upgrade the file.

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    I have attempted to download several versions of 2021.x from MYOB's site. When I go to open it simply advises I need to upgrade the file.

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      Hi BronwynHamster,


      Thanks for your post and welcome here to the Community Forum. We understand that you're having difficulty restoring the backup of your company file, and we apologize for the late response. We appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter.


      Thank you for your effort in looking for a solution to resolve this issue and we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. 


      We have seen several cases of offline company files that, after an AccountRight upgrade, are not opening or closing unexpectedly or generating a Something has gone wrong. This article contains information on identifying if you are impacted and running the necessary tool required to repair that file to allow it to be opened:


      How do you determine you are impacted?

      Following an AccountRight upgrade, if you are not able to open an offline company file, or you are encountering a Something has gone wrong message. Do check out the diagnostic file for the application - this can be opened in NotePad or another similar application. If you are needing to run the following tool, that diagnostic file would contain traces of the wording "InvalidFingerPrint" 

      Example line in diagnostic file would: MYOB.Huxley.UI.Decorators.DecoratorFaultProcessor,Error,1,Unhandled error. : MYOB.Huxley.API.HuxleyActivationException: (InvalidFingerprint): 


      Running the Tool:
      If you do see cases of "InvalidFingerprint" in that diagnostic file, do look at completing the following steps:


      1. Close AcountRight
      2. Download the following tool: AccountRight Hotfix tool
        Having trouble accessing the download? Right-click and select Save Link as
      3. Navigate to where you have saved that file - typically the Downloads folder on your computer
      4. Find the Hotfix tool zipped file (Data Hotfix - Invalid Fingerprint error - AccountRight and select to extract the data - typically right-click and Extract All...
      5. Once extracted, select to run the AccountRight_Hotfix.exe file. This will open the tool:
        Please note that depending on your IT setup you may need to be logged on as the Windows Administrator.
      6. Browse to the impacted file and select Open once located
      7. Indicate that you have a backup of the file and then Apply. 
        Should you be successful you would encounter the following message:
      8. Once you have that message, close the tool, and open the file in AccountRight as per normal.

      Note: You may be prompted to re-confirm upon opening, but this can be done online using the Confirm Online function.


      Please don't hesitate to post again if you need help in the future.


      If my response has answered your enquiry, please click "Accept as Solution" to assist other users find this information.



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        Thank you very much, Leneth. Your concise instructions allowed me to access the old backup. Cheers, Bronwyn