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2 years ago

Memo in pay transaction

Hi all,

When processing pays, the memo stays set as the default. I know how to change the default in the employee card, but I would llike the memo to update when I save/ run the pays, in the same way that recurring transactions will update when I save them. This used to happen when I used accountedge, and was very helpful as a quick check for confirming leave had been recorded, or casual employees had been paid without missing any hours that may have been submitted after the payrun date. Is there a way to get the memo to update each time I change it, without having to go back into the employee's card?


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  • Hi Jeano 


    Sorry to see that no one has replied to you yet. The memo field is prefilled from the employee card. As such, you would need to manually change that field when recording a payrun if you require different information, or, change the default information in the employee card.


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      I know I can change the information manually, but it is not retained to the next payrun, which is what I am hoping for.