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2 years ago

MYOB Account Right STP2 wish to continue to use MYOB offline

I have been a long-time user of MYOB Account Right OFFLINE. I live in a rural area and internet is not reliable.


With the deadline only being a couple of weeks away, I am really confused about my ability to continue to use MYOB offline after this upgrade.


I spoke to a rep. from MYOB many months ago and their response was for me to wait until December (now) as they were in the process of trying to make adjustments for offline users to remain as such.


Can anyone tell me if I will be able to continue to use MYOB offline and if so, are there any specific way I need to upgrade in order for this to occur?


Being forced to go online is a real concern for me so any assistance anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi NANA1 


    Thank you for your enquiry.


    Moving to STP2 in AccountRight does require the file to be an online company file, please check out the FAQ section on this Help page for more details on this topic:  Getting ready for STP Phase 2. Having the company file online also enable you to use the browser version of AccountRight, which means you can enter transactions from a tablet or on your phone.


    If your internet cannot be improved and you still wish to avoid working online as much as possible, then a possible solution would be after uploading the file online and have STP2 set up, backup the online file then restore it to the local library, continue work on the local file. When you need to send payroll data in STP, backup the local file and restore it online to overwrite the online copy, open the online file to send pay events. Once sent you can go back to working on the local file. If you wish to view records in the Payroll Reporting Centre, it can be done via the AccountRight browser edition (on the computer or on your phone), which is less sensitive to internet speed interference. 


    I hope this helps. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to let us know.