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3 months ago

File menu inaccessible

Good morning everyone


It looks like Ive got two instances of Myob AR desktop running


I have my file open but when I try to get access to the windows menues, they are not available


I rang tech support who tole me he has never seen this error


If I dont want to shut MYOB down, what is the best way to get access to the menues


Have a great Friday




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  • Try using your Alt key with the letter with an underscore at the top of the menu, e.g. Alt C for Command Centre, etc. There are also shortcuts such as Ctrl H for Spend Money, Ctrl D for Receive Money and if you are in Banking as displayed Alt A for Reconcile Accounts.



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    Hi Zappy , this sounds like what happens to my AccountRight desktop program now and again. I just close it (end task through Task Manager) and start up again. It doesn't happen often enough to bother me, and I haven't found a common cause, although I suspect going to File, Open (another file) rather than closing/re-opening, might be a factor.

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    PS Zappy , I can always tell when this has happened because the command centre appears in the middle of the window instead of the top left.