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5 months ago

MYOB Offer Poor Support

Frankly I am just looking to vent.  The support I receive from MYOB is always terrible.  When you finally get through, the people you talk to are horribly under-equiped to answer the questions/solve problems.  In one case I had a MYOB bug that I needed to deal with.  The first time i had the problem, they fixed my transactions.  The next time - bad luck, your system is always going to reflect inaccurate information.  I have already started migrating one of my company files to Quick Books, and the support I have received from them has been exceptional.  I have already run MYOB and Quick Books in parallel for one quarter and successfully matched, and I am about to reconcile the 2nd quarter.  Assuming both sets of books matched again, I will be closing one MYOB file and in all likelihood will start runing my other company file in parallel with Quickbooks shortly after.  


I have been with MYOB since 2010 and their support has steadily and surely become worse.  I am amused by the fact that after MYOB have provided support assistance they send you a "MYOBelieve you can DIY!" email, when their own support people flounded with the problem.


I made a support call yesterday where I spent over an hour on the phone and eventually got some glib advice about how to solve the problem (after the support person had to call for advice).  Interestingly, I went to see my Accountant's MYOB person today, and they not only suggested in a few moments what the MYOB people took me an hour to get to yeterday, but also showed me a much better way to correct the transactions in question.

I really would prefer to stay with MYOB.  They know and I know, most people will put up with poor service, because it is too hard to change their accounting software - which is exactly what I did.  It gets to the point where staying makes no sense staying though, and it is now worth the pain of migrating.

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    spot on.  Their business model is that it is too hard for us to leave.  They are very good at pushing us into retirement.  I would be interested to hear how Quickbooks is on support.

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      Quickbooks have been spot on with every support call I have made, both in terms of timelines and quality of advice.  I'm behind with my entries, given I have to enter into two different software packages at the moment, but I planning to be up to date soon.  Given it is so close to the end of financial year now, I will maintain both sets of books until the end of June.  So as soon as I have seen the accountant in July, one of my two companies will be unsubscribed from MYOB and I'll start running Quickbooks in parallel for the other company from July.

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    Yep I agree I am having same issues, paying premium pricing and increases yet they just tag me along with emails and no fix, promises to call back and never do.

    I have had the same issue for 3 years now.


    They keep trying to get me to go to browser option and use that but I paid for the premium app that doesn't even work like the browser, I confused and totally **bleep** off, after using MYOB since 2002 then they treat you like **bleep**!!!!!!!!!!!!


    And then you just get a generic I am so sorry email from the **bleep**tards....

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      Hi DtheP69,

      Thanks for your post. I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you've had with our support. I've checked your account and noticed that a case has already been created for your issue. Feel free to respond to the email you received regarding your case for further investigation.

      Feel free to start a new post if you have further queries and one of us will be happy to assist you.


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    Hi Bad-Support,


    It's understandable why you are frustrated with this experience. I'm truly sorry to hear about the difficulties you've encountered with our support services. We are continuously working on improving our support model. This includes creating and validating content faster to deliver a better support experience.


    We have several avenues for support that you can explore. MYOB offers a comprehensive online help center where you can find help for all MYOB products. You can also manage your account online, which includes handling account and billing updates yourself. If you're having trouble with your MYOB product, you can submit a support request through your account. For more complex issues, you can chat with our support team. We also have a thriving Community Forum where you can ask questions and find answers from other users. 


    We understand that our support model may not have met your expectations in the past, and we are actively working on improvements. For instance, we are implementing changes to the Digital Experience support processes based on user feedback.


     If you decide to continue with MYOB, we have a range of resources available on our support page to assist you. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to improve our services. We hope you will give us another chance to assist you with your MYOB needs.






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      Hi Gee, Are you an AI or did you just use:
      1. AI to write the response for you?

      2 Use a pre-prepared template?

      It is quite clear the response is just lip service to serious concerns.  Pointing me to the support page just rubs salt in the wounds, when part of my complaint was that the support person's follow up email me pointed me towards that, even though he wasn't even able to come up with any solution in under an hour on the phone???  ...and to reiterate, even then his solution was a long way from the optimal solution provided by the my accountant's MYOB person.  I look forward to cancelling my subscriptions when the transitions are complete.

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        Hi Bad-Support 


        We appreciate your patience and understanding about your recent experience with our support.  I know that waiting  long hours on the phone and not being able to get the complete resolution you needed is frustrating. I want to assure you that your concerns are being taken seriously.


        I have raised your issue to our dedicated team. They will be reaching out to you soon to address your concerns.