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Troubleshooting Connection Errors

Hi Everyone.


Here are a couple of quick and easy things you can do if you are getting connection errors in AccountRight to try and resolve them.


Flushing the DNS cache can fix any errors where the computer cannot contact our servers. This is done by:


    1. Switch off the Modem:

      1. Switch off the modem and leave it switched off for a couple of minutes. This might seem overly simple but don’t discount it, as the humble modem can accumulate a lot of information inside it. By switching the modem off and leaving it for a few minutes it allows the modem a chance to clear ensuring that you are connecting with a fresh connection.



  1. Flush the DNS cache on the computer:

    1. Press the Windows Key on your keyboard
    2. Type in: cmd
    3. In the list of results, right-click on cmd.exe and choose Run as Administrator
    4. A command prompt window should appear
    5. At the flashing cursor, type in: ipconfig/flushdns
    6. Hit Enter on your keyboard and a confirmation message should be displayed - If not, retry steps 4-5 and ensure the command is typed correctly
    7. After the confirmation message, close the window
    8. Close AccountRight then re-open the software

Try a different connection to see if you can connect. Whether it’s a hotspot off your phone or you call your accountant to see if they can access your file on their end, this can help you work out whether the problem is with your connection or with AccountRight.

As the antivirus monitors operations in real time this can impact internet traffic coming into and out of your computer. Temporarily disabling the antivirus can help you determine if it is causing issues with connecting to your file.


Here is a great help article that can take you through how to do this: Speed and performance tips


Still not connecting? Our help article, Error: Connection error, does give some additional troubleshooting steps and more information on how to resolve some connection errors.