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Unable to open recently upgraded company file

Hi Everyone


Products: AccountRight 2020.2 and later - offline company files


Got a question about using the below tool? There is a second post on this thread that does answer commonly asked questions - scroll down to see that post or click here.


We have seen a number of cases of offline company files that, following an AccountRight upgrade, are not opening or closing unexpectedly or generating a Something has gone wrong message. This article contains information on identifying if you are impacted and running the necessary tool required to repair that file to allow it to be opened:


How do you determine you are impacted?

Following an AccountRight upgrade, if you are not able to open an offline company file, or you are encountering a Something has gone wrong message. Do check out the diagnostic file for the application - this can be opened in NotePad or another similar application. If you are needing to run the following tool, that diagnostic file would contain traces of the wording "InvalidFingerPrint" 

Example line in diagnostic file would: MYOB.Huxley.UI.Decorators.DecoratorFaultProcessor,Error,1,Unhandled error. : MYOB.Huxley.API.HuxleyActivationException: (InvalidFingerprint): 


Running the Tool:
If you do see cases of "InvalidFingerprint" in that diagnostic file, do look at completing the following steps:


  1. Close AcountRight
  2. Download the following tool: AccountRight Hotfix tool
    Having trouble accessing the download? Right-click and select Save Link as
  3. Navigate to where you have saved that file - typically the Downloads folder on your computer
  4. Find the Hotfix tool zipped file (Data Hotfix - Invalid Fingerprint error - AccountRight and select to extract the data - typically right-click and Extract All...
  5. Once extracted, select to run the AccountRight_Hotfix.exe file. This will open the tool:
    Please note that depending on your IT setup you may need to be logged on as the Windows Administrator.
  6. Browse to the impacted file and select Open once located
  7. Indicate that you have a backup of the file and then Apply. 
    Should you be successful you would encounter the following message:
  8. Once you have that message, close the tool and open the file in AccountRight as per normal. 

Note: You may be prompted to re-confirm upon opening but this can be done online using the Confirm Online function.

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  • Hi Everyone

    Below are some frequently asked questions about using the tool and around this space:


    My browser is indicating that the download is to be discarded?

    Due to the way the tool has been developed, your browser may prompt you to discard that download. Should that occur you want to select the Keep option.



    Upon running the tool I am encountering the following error?



    This message is caused by not having some necessary Microsoft Components installed that are required by the tool. The following would be needed to be installed to allow that tool to be run.

    Microsoft SQL Server 3.5 - install this one first

    Microsoft SQL Server 4.0


    Have run the tool and it is now indicating I have reached by transaction limit or asking to confirm the file?

    This is normal behaviour for company files that have had the tool run over them. Do select to Confirm the company file online and follow the on-screen messages.

    I am using an older version of AccountRight (pre-2020.2), is the tool for me?

    AccountRight 2020.1 and earlier users should be able to find their tool and instructions on Unable to open AccountRight file


    I have an online file displaying similar symptoms

    Best course of action would be to create a separate post on the Installing and upgrading Board for diagnosis and further investigation. If you could include the following information that would be ideal:

    • Exactly what is occurring,
    • When it occurring,
    • What version you have upgraded from and to
    • The last FOUR digits of your serial number
    • The Company file ID, if known. If not known, some indication of the company file name - due to security we do recommend only including a portion of that company name be provided.


    I am needing additional assistance with the instructions or tool

    As always, if you do need help please start a new post. Our team of MYOB technical support staff and the generous MYOB Community is always happy to help.