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3 years ago

Unable to export customer list report

Trying to export customer list report and Excel, CSV & TSV all greyed out. Only allows PDF & XPS export. Can export other reports but not this one.
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    3 years ago

    Hi CMSKLH 


    Would you mind clarifying what is the exact report name that you are trying to export out? As certain reports like the Card List [Detial] report is not able to be exported to Excel.

    In saying that, there are really good, and I would argue better, alternatives:

    • Exporting out the card information through File>>Import/Export Assistant -- Export Data. This would give you a txt file that can be opened up in Excel.

    • Use the Cards List window i.e. navigate to Card File>>Cards List>>Customise the window as required (add columns, sort...). When suitable, right-click on the data and select Copy List to Clipboard. This would allow you to paste that information you had on screen into Excel or another similar application. Check out The Card Lists for more information on that option.