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31 days ago

So many issues logging in & with trial version

I Have set up client trial version of Account right plus desktop - shared it with me as administrator, since logging in yesterday, it now asks me for a 2nd login.  After enter email & password > online> when I click on the file it now today asks me for a second login - User ID  & Password - this was not setup by me, I have tried all the usual Admin, Administrator, Client name, client email etc but nothing is working.  Again this was set up by either of us so have no idea what it could be, it is only on this client file.


Also I have been trying to convert the trial version to full version and pay for it, but there is no way to do it.  Under my account there is no subscription, no bill waiting for payment, as described in help there is no "change payment options", in fact the help screenshot looks nothing like the client myaccount.


Help doesn't exist, finally found a phone number but it is only valid mon-fri, and I need to set up this client new file urgently to start trading.  


On top of this it took half an hour this morning to log into myob desktop itself, put in email address then it froze and would not move to the password screen yet I was getting codes emailed!!!!!!


Product and lack of help so frustrating, would not be using this product if the client didn't already know how to use it/

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    Hi 2Dally ,

    Thank you for your detailed post. Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, I recommend reaching out to our virtual assistant, MOCA. It's designed to dive deeper into issues like this. Give it a try!

    Feel free to engage with MOCA through for any queries or assistance you might need. If MOCA can't provide the help you need, our live chat team is ready to pick up where MOCA left off.

    Feel free to post again, we're happy to help!


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      Yes finally resolved, MOCA was useless as the help didn't even mention the issue.  The 2nd login is required when on trial version, it required Administrator/ no password, which I had already tried, but still wasn't working as myob issue, but was fixed next day.  There apparently is no link to an invoice when on trial version you have to ring up and they email you an invoice with a link to pay (How stupid is this).  And apparently you cannot link STP whilst on Trial, but hey, they don;t telll you this either.  There is a different myaccount logins but you are only taken to the old one from trial so none of the help screenshots looked the same.... Really frustrating