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4 years ago

APCA number

Good Morning,   Any advice on where I can find our APCA six digit number in MYOB?   The number that we are able to create our ABA files   Thanks
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    4 years ago

    Hi Jen22 


    For ABA file generation in AccountRight the user does need to ensure that they have entered the appropriate information into the necessary bank account. This information can be added to the software via:

    1. Navigate to Accounts>>Accounts Lists
    2. Choose the necessary Bank account
    3. Select the Banking tab

    Within the following information would need to be entered:

    • BSB Number
    • Bank Account Number
    • Bank Account Name
    • Company Trading Name
    • Bank Code*
    • Direct Entry User ID*
    • (Potentially) Direct Entry File: Include a Self-Balancing Transaction*

    *I Create Bank Files [ABA] for This Account does need to be selected to see these options.


    Banking information would also need to be entered into the Payment Details tab of the supplier's or employee's card.


    AccountRight doesn't generate or use the APCA system to generate ABA files.