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3 years ago

bank feed for credit card



I am trying to set up a bank feed for a credit card from Westpac. Even though the MYOB documentation shows support for Westpac, when I contacted WBC because the online dropdown menu only showed bank accounts I was told credit cards were not supported.


Can someone tell me which credit cards support MYOB bank feeds (from personal experience, not from documentation) please.

Thank you


  • Hi BOTP


    Apologies for missing your private message, I've responded with further information. 

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  • Hi BOTP


    Thanks for your post. Our MYOB bank feeds Financial Institution page has a list of the banking institutions along with the account types that can be applied for bankfeeds. Westpac does have the option for credit cards, are you able to confirm what happens when you attempt to apply for the bankfeeds for the credit card ? 

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      Hi Melisa.


      The system directed me to and online page which contained a dropdown menu of the possible accounts. No credit card accounts were listed (I have 3 with WBC). Going onto online chat with WBC, they told me that credit cards are not supported......



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        Hi BOTP


        Can you please send me a private message with a screenshot of what appears when you attempt to apply for the bankfeeds and your serial number so I can check and confirm if the credit card account can be applied for with our bankfeeds team.