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6 years ago

Credit Card Bank Feeds



I would like to link a credit card to bank feeds in AccountRight Plus Live.  However it seems, that unlike a bank account, the credit card has to be in a company name.  My husband is a sole trader who has credit card in personal name.  Has anyone found a way around this, other than QIF import,  please?  The main reason I'd like to upgrade is to save time on entering credit card transactions.




  • Hi SamP1


    All of the currently available bank feeds for each bank can be found on our Australian Financial Institutions. Please note that this doesn’t list each individual type of account offered by each bank, instead they are grouped around more general product groupings like Everyday accounts and savings accounts

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    Hi SamP1


    Some banks do allow it. Speak to your bank as you may be able to change it to a Business Card.


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      Thanks Ian


      Not CBA.  And they wont give me business CC without business bank a/c.

      Any ideas why a bank wont allow the feed?

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        Hi SamP1


        it is up to each individual bank as to which accounts they make bank feeds available on. CBA has made the decision to not allow bank feeds on personal credit card accounts. As I’m not part of CBA I cannot speak to why this decision was made.


        In terms of moving forward you would either have to import a QIF file or change over to the required bank accounts on the banks end so that you can apply for bank feeds on those accounts