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2 years ago

Bank Feed Issue Again

Hi just gone into bank feed and it gives me a status of last updated 7.20am Wednesday 12/04/2023 however no transactions there for the 11/04/2023. Last transactions are for the 06/05/2023. Can you assist as we were having trouble with this last week and then it was fixed. Now we have issues again. Thank you Shirley

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  • Hi Shirley

    We are with ANZ and the bank feeds haven't updated since the 06/04/23. 

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    Yep, nothing from Westpac bank feeds since 6th April, quiet annoying as i have about 150 entries waiting to load and i am not wanting to enter them all by hand!!  Not really good enough!

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    Hi all.


    The issue regarding bank feeds not updating has been resolved already by our relevant. You may log out then log back in to to update the transactions. Please feel free to post again if you need further assistance,


    Best regards,