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3 years ago

Bank feed not showing a specific transaction

Hoping someone can help.  The bank statement shows a reversal (reimbursed by the bank) but the bank feed hasn't picked up this transaction.  We've looked at the current, approved and hidden and it's ...
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    3 years ago

    Hi Sanditine 


    It's the AccountRight transactions that are reconciled in the Reconcile Accounts window and included in business data. In the Bank feeds window the bank feed transactions are matched to AccountRight transactions which are then automatically ticked in the Reconcile Accounts window. If you click on New in the Bank feeds window an AccountRight transaction is recorded.


    When it's one bank feed transaction missing the quickest way to fix it is manually record the AccountRight transaction. When you reconcile the account in the Reconcile Accounts window, enter the closing balance from the bank statement into the Closing Statement Balance field and tick the manually recorded AccountRight transaction. 


    The other option is to send me a private message with the following information and I will raise a ticket with our bank feeds team to have it looked into and that transaction sent to your file:


    • serial number
    • Company file ID (Help>>About MYOB AccountRight)
    • primary contact name
    • screenshot of the bank statement
    • screenshot of the Bank feeds window
    • details of the missing transaction

    Depending on the type of payment that was reimbursed you may need to reverse the original AccountRight payment transaction to match with the bank feed or to manually reconcile. If you can give me some details I'll be happy to help with how to handle that transaction.


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