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19 days ago

Bank feed not updated in 65 days

We have two business accounts linked to MYOB

One of them has not updated in 65 days

We may be closing our business, so there is not much activity in our business accounts at the moment.

For one of our accounts, I have 3 transactions in the first week of April 2024 that I cannot allocate.

The other account updated 16 days ago.  Those transactions have come through on the bank feed.


I have checked the settings (both accounts are "Bank feed ready"

The transactions are on my bank statement.

There is no delay with the bank.


I can't think of the other stock responses from other, similar forum posts.


Is there a minimum number of transactions before a bank feed will update - although that doesn't seem to affect the other account?

Is there anyway to force an update (refreshing and changing dates and filters does nothing).


Thanks for your time

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