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2 years ago

Bank Feeds are not updating

Bank feeds have stopped updating since 29/04/23 - is anyone else experiencing this problem and/or know how to fix?

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    Us as well. Judging by these forums, appears to be a system wide issue with bank feeds. Hopefully a fix soon from MYOB. 6 x days last sync with bank feeds for us. 

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    Hi em301 


    Thank you for the post. We are aware that some users have been unable to see their bank feed transactions. This has now been resolved and you should be able to see those transactions now.


    Please let me know if you need further help.


    Kind regards,



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      Hi All,


      I still have a month long gap in my clients MYOB feeds.


      How do i go about fixing this?

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      I still have missing deposit transactions in my bank feed, so I can't allocate the funds to their invoices and they will get overdue statements.  This is only for the dates between 27/05/23 and 1/06/23.  Can you pleas help?