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Electronic payments with a bank file

Hi everyone


In AccountRight you can make bulk payments to your suppliers and employees by creating an electronic file. This electronic file is known as an ABA file or bank file. Using this method to make bulk payments not only saves you time but also helps prevent incorrect amounts being paid.


Before you can process electronic payments you will need to complete a few setup tasks. This help article will walk you through the setup: Setting up electronic payments for bank files


How do I record and create an electronic payments?

You can record the AccountRight transaction and create the ABA file in just a few steps:

  1. record the Pay Bills, Spend Money or Payroll transactions, making sure the Electronic Payment option is selected
  2. go to Prepare Electronic Payments and select the payment transactions you want included in the file
  3. click on Bank File and OK when you receive the message "The transaction will be recorded before the bank file is created"
  4. the Save As window will open, enter a name for the ABA file and click on Save.
  5. log into your internet banking and upload the ABA file

You can find detailed information and instructions in these help articles:

Making electronic payments with bank files

Rejected electronic payments


I reversed a transaction, how do I remove it from the Prepare Electronic Payments window?

You can select the reversal transaction by itself and click on Bank File. The AccountRight transaction will be recorded to update the electronic clearing account but the bank file won't be created as it's a negative amount. This post, Reversals in the Prepare Electronic Payments window, has detailed information to assist with this.


Can I recreate a bank file? 

Yes you can, but first you will need to delete or reverse the original electronic payment transaction. Once you've done that, go to the Prepare Electronic payments window and reprocess the electronic payment.


Some users may be able to use a feature called Direct Payments which allows you to make batch payments using your debit or credit card directly from your software. See these help articles for more information: AccountRight 


We hope you find this useful. As always, if you do need help please start a new post.